Bees Y4

Teacher: Mr T Hay  

 TA: Miss Shearer & Mrs Hunt

Year 4 is the second year in Key Stage 2 and builds on core learning skills developed in Year 3. In Year 4 children develop as independent learners who are able to achieve good progress not only from structured curriculum programmes; but also through own self directed routes. The curriculum is planned alongside the Year 3 programme which enables good access to widely differentiated learning to suit pupils of all abilities. We are very mindful of the impact of pupil motivation in successful learning and always take account of what the children seek to learn in each new topic. Time is also allocated to pupils’ own self directed learning in which they embark on short learning projects of their own design. A key aim in all our planning is to achieve a learning day that is vibrant, stimulating and engaging for all. Year 4 pupils become very active in the assessment of their progress and the setting of new targets.

Reading in Year Four
The learning programme involves children in reading activities throughout most of each day. We hold a reading workshop every morning in which groups of readers progress through a carousel of reading development activities including guided reading with the teacher. Parent helpers are valued and welcomed to listen to readers. Please remind your child to change their books regularly and please listen to them read at home and encourage them to make comments in their reading logs and to review their reading. Ten minutes each evening can sometimes make a huge difference to achievement. We expect children to take responsibility for their reading habits and to broaden their reading experience. Please remember the local town library welcomes young readers and has a wide range of materials to suit all tastes in both fiction and reference books.



Parents Information 2018-2019

Year 4 Information for Parents – Monday

Year 4 curriculum letter Autumn 2018