Dragonflies Y5

Teacher: Mrs Herrera                          TA’s : Mrs Bryant

The Year 5 programme uses the National Curriculum as a framework to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent and allows for structured progression as children move up through the school.  Activities are differentiated to ensure learning suits pupils of all abilities.  Pupil voice is an important part of a child’s learning and as such pupils are given an opportunity to ask questions that they would like to research during each topic.  Pupils are also encouraged to review and improve their work and time is given each week to complete this. We aim to provide engaging and enjoyable lessons for all pupils, and encourage pupils to take an active part in motivating and challenging themselves, as well as assessing their progress and setting new targets.   Reading in Year Five The curriculum promotes reading activities throughout each day. We hold a reading workshop every morning in which pupils read independently, in groups, and other reading development activities including guided reading with the teacher. As pupils should develop their own independence and enjoyment of Literature by Year 5, we encourage pupils to choose their own reading books.  There are many children’s authors who inspire a love of reading and we welcome pupils reading a wide range of fiction and reference books to find authors/materials they enjoy.  These books may be from the classroom, school library or indeed books from home. We are also privileged to have the local town library, which welcomes young readers and has a wide range of materials to suit all tastes.



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