Spiders Y6

Teachers: Mrs Davids & Mrs Layzell               

TA: Mrs Johnston, Miss Seare and Miss Moss

Year 6 is a milestone year in a child’s education as the academic achievements a child makes in the summer term are used as a basis for information when they progress on to upper school.

The children are all aware that SATs are important, but they also know that we will have as much fun as possible in preparing for them.

Being at the top of KS2, pupils will be expected to show high levels of motivation and dedication within the class and at home while carrying out independent and home learning.

The school expects the very best from our year 6 pupils.  They will act as role models throughout the school and often be called upon to lead all sorts of initiatives within school.

It is therefore VITAL that:

Children –

  • Take all learning (including home learning)seriously.
  • Work as hard at their learning as they can.
  • Are honest and ask for help if they are unsure.
  • Behave in a responsible way both towards their learning and to others.
  • Have excellent attendance and are in school on time (ready to start at 8:45am).

Parents –

  • Ensure excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • Support any home learning (Y6 revision books will be provided as part home learning).
  • Share any worries or concerns with the school as soon as possible


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Parents Information

Year 6 parents information meeting

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