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Accessibility Plan (Wareham St Mary)

Admission Appeal Guidance V1.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

Admissions Appeal Timetable (Saturn Education Trust)

Admissions Policy for 2020-21 FINAL  (Saturn Education Trust)

Admissions Policy for 2019-20 Final (Saturn Education Trust)

Allegations-of-Abuse-Policy V1.1 (Saturn Education Trust)

Anti Bullying Policy Jan 2016 (Wareham St Mary)

Attendance-policy-nov-2016-2 (Wareham St Mary)

Charging and Remissions Policy V1. (Saturn Education Trust)

WSM Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy V2.0

Code of Conduct Policy v1.0 (under review) (Saturn Education Trust)

Complaints Policy and Procedure V1.2 Final (Saturn Education Trust)

Confidentiality-Policy  V1.1 (Saturn Education Trust)

Curriculum-policy-may-2016 (Wareham St Mary)

Data Protection Policy DRAFT V2.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

Emergency-management-plan-2016-2 (Saturn Education Trust)

Equality Policy V1.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

Home Learning Policy (Wareham St Mary)

Intimate-Care-Policy V1.1 (Saturn Education Trust)

Parent Behaviour Policy V1.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

Privacy Notice for Employee Information DRAFT V1.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

Privacy Notice Policy for Pupil Information DRAFT V1.0 (Saturn Education Trust)

PSHE Policy

School Behaviour Policy (Draft 1) (Wareham St Mary)

SEND Policy (Wareham St Mary)

Supporting Children with Medical Needs (Saturn Education Trust)

Technology Policy V2.0 Oct 2018 (Saturn Education Trust)

Whistleblowing-Policy-V1 0 (Saturn Education Trust)