Starting School

Admissions procedure 

You are welcome to register your child at Wareham St Mary Primary School.

Children start school in the Autumn term after their 4th birthday.  Parents wishing to send their child to Wareham St Mary Primary School should contact the school office who will be pleased to make an appointment for you to meet the Headteacher and take a guided tour of the school, we can then explain the admissions procedure.  Parents are encouraged to apply online – please click the DCC admissions link below for further information.

DCC School Admissions

Children moving schools during the academic year will be admitted to our school providing a place is available .

You will need to complete a school registration form if you wish your child to be considered for a place as well as making a local authority application.

Admissions policy
Children are admitted to Wareham St Mary primary school on a full-time basis at the start of the school year in which they are five years old.   We work with parents to decide on when they become full-time but our aim is for all pupils to attend school full-time from the Autumn half term.

We are well aware that starting school is an important and possibly stressful time for all the family. At Wareham St Mary primary school, we aim to make starting school an easy and happy experience for all.

Parents meeting
In the summer term all parents or guardians of children who will be starting school in september are invited to attend an evening meeting.
At this meeting the arrangements for starting school will be outlined, including:

  • What your child needs (ie uniform, pe kit, etc)
  • How the start to school will be phased in gradually
  • Opportunities for your child to come to school for pre-school sessions in the summer term
  • You will also have an opportunity to meet not only the people who will be directly involved with your child but also other members of staff and governors.

There will also be a chance to look at the reception classroom and Early years outdoor area.
We recommend that you try to come to this meeting even if you have older children in the school as arrangements do change!

Pre-school sessions
Your child will be invited to come to school for three short pre-school sessions towards the end of the summer term. We call this ‘Caterpillar Club’.  This will give them a chance to experience being in the school environment and meet the adults they will work closely with during their first year in school.

Please stay with your child for the first session, but in subsequent sessions feel free to leave your child as long as this does not cause them undue stress.

We recognise that your child starting school can be one of excitement and anxiety for all. Please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff if you have any questions or concerns. We are all here to ensure that each child is happy and successful in our school.