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Spring 2

Creative Art Day - 01.03.2022

Is there a better way to start the term than a full day of art?

We had a fantastic Art Day in fireflies, using the technique created by Max Ernst to create a whole class underwater picture. Max Ernst created the tearing technique called 'Frottage'. This meant that we first went outside to the forest area to take rubbings of the different surfaces on different coloured paper. Back in the classroom, we tore these up into smaller pieces. These pieces were then layered on top of each other to create our final underwater scene. It looks amazing! We used this same technique to colour some fish and add these to our final picture. Our final piece is hanging proudly in the school hall for everyone to see. 

Take a look at the pictures below:

Fire Service Visit - 04.03.2022

Today we have been lucky to have had a visit from the Fire Service! We were allowed to see the fire truck and all the equipment that they need to carry to be able to do their important work. We even got to squirt some water over the playground, just like real firefighters would!


Later on, we had a talk from another firefighter about what it is like to be a firefighter and all the jobs that they do. We learnt a few more things about the fire service and the importance of being safe at home to help prevent fires. We also revisited the Great Fire of London that we learnt about in Autumn. If they had the same firefighters as we do today, we don't think it would have been such a disaster! Thomas Farriner needed a fire alarm! There was a story that we all acted out and we took it in turns to practice what we would do if smoke entered our house. Miss Morris joined in and was crawling on the floor too! 

Year 2 class trip to Knoll beach Friday 8th April

We met with Julia -ranger from The National Trust, to have a fun packed morning. The weather was not on our side and it rained the whole morning but it didn't stop the children from enjoying the woodlands at Studland and Knoll beach.