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Summer Term 1st Half

We are very excited about our new topic this term - Woodland Wanderers. Please have a look at the overview above for all our learning or open the document below.


PE - is a Tuesday and Friday afternoon.


We have lots of exciting trips planned this half term;

  • Tuesday 10th May - Arne Nature Reserve, Woodland workshop (link with science and geography)
  • Tuesday 24th May - Pizza Express, making pizzas and talking about food hygiene. (Links with DT and PSHE)
  • Monday 23rd May - Library visit with a theme about woodlands and launching the summer reading challenge. Children all select a book to take home.


Please let us know if you are able to come and help, thank you. 


Wednesday 4th May - Whole school Creative Day (Art and DT)


We are very excited this term as we will be learning about maps. Throughout the next few weeks we will be learning about different styles of maps and creating our own messy map! We are going to learn to use a key to find areas on maps and learn the different symbols that might be used. Year1 will become explorers as they learn to use a compass. By the end of the term we will all create our own map game to play with our friends in the class. 

We made our very own birds eye view maps using recycled materials.

We are learning about using a compass, we used a real one to find directions and made one to take home.

Design Technology 

This term in Butterflies class we will be making our own birdfeeder. We will be looking at different birdfeeders and evaluating these products to get ideas for our own. We will be thinking about what the birds like to eat, where the birds can stand to eat and where the birdfeeder will be positioned.  Our birdfeeder will not be any ordinary bird feeder, year 1's birdfeeder will have a type of pivot in it. We will be researching how we can incorporate this into our design.  


This half term we are continuing to learn about animals which include humans. We will be identifying and naming the different animal groups, making comparisons and sorting. We were very lucky today to have Adam (Ruby's daddy) come into class with a range of his pets, which included a giant Asian mantis, giant millipedes, two boa constrictors and a royal python! He talked to us all about reptiles and we asked lots of questions.

Every child got to touch a snake ...they were all really surprised about how it felt!


We are learning how to identify high and low notes and to compose a simple tune. The children are investigating how tempo changes to help tell a story and make music more exciting. Please share the knowledge organiser below with your child as it has all the key vocabulary we are using.

In our music lessons we have been using musical instruments to create a superhero inspired piece of music with high and low pitch and different temp.

Creative Day May 2022

Today we have really enjoyed learning all about the French artist Claude Monet. We found where France is on a world map. Talked about his style of art work and thought about why he liked to paint ponds and landscapes. We thought about the colours and the reflections in his work. The children planned and drew their own Monet inspired picture used colour with oil pastels and we started our whole class art project to create a big wall hanging banner of a pond scene with a bridge and lily pads.

Arne Nature Reserve School Trip