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We love reading at Wareham St Mary! We also think it is one of the most important skills that children need to develop while at primary school, and as such we dedicate lots of time and energy to teaching reading. 


All classes have daily guided reading lessons. These may be in small groups, or with the whole class, and focus on developing fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. We also get a great deal of pleasure from these lessons as we choose texts that are relevant, interesting and exciting! Children in KS2 also have guided reading lessons once a week based on non-fiction texts, to ensure that they are reading to learn, as well as learning to read!


All classes use fantastic books and stories within their daily literacy lessons. The children have opportunities to read or be read to and to link these texts to their writing and wider curriculum areas like science or history. 


We love recommending books to one another; all classes take part in Book Flashes, where children share books and stories that they have enjoyed in the hope that they can spread their enthusiasm for their favourites!