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Spring Term1

Welcome back to school for another action-packed, fun-filled term of fun, laughter and LOTS of learning. 

This term we focus on the upcoming SATs and do our best to prepare the children in readiness for the tests which will run from 13th -16th May. 

Of course we value these tests, but it is also important to remember they only produce a snapshot from just 1 day;  we know that nerves and other emotions can cause children to become slightly anxious and this is why we practise and support the children so that they are confident and relaxed when sitting the tests. 

We will be having a 'Mock' SATs week in February where children will be completing past tests in the rooms they will be sitting the real SATs in. We hope this settles some nerves and ensures that all children are as fully prepared as possible for the real tests in May. 


As ever, if you have any questions or queries about the SATs (or anything else), please don't hesitate to come and speak to me. 


Y6 English - In English this term we are reading a book called 'Floodland'. It's full of action, suspense and some very odd characters. This week we acted out some scenes and put our drama skills to good use - we had great fun pretending to play different characters and look forward to completing lots more drama as the term progresses.

Descriptive work in English - using clay. Who would have thought that an English lesson could be so therapeutic as well as being highly informative about a setting?! Y6 certainly enjoyed creating their clay models of the setting from the book they are reading, 'Floodland'. We discussed what type of place it was using some incredible vocabulary - menacing, eerie, infernal to name a few, before setting to work creating the masterpieces seen below. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their lesson and was able to unpick the book even further.