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Spring Term 2

In PSHE we have been linking our thinking to our Geography work on climate change and being more environmentally friendly. Today we thought about the proposals for a new shopping centre on some waste land near to school (all fictional by the way - we'd hate to start any rumours!!) The children had to plan how to make it a environmentally sustainable shopping centre by thinking about: materials to build it with, energy usage, shops that would be part of the centre, waste - how we could recycle more waste products, wildlife and how they might be affected, water usage and transport links. So much to think about! The children worked so well in groups trying to solve some of the problems of building an environmentally sustainable shopping centre. Great job Year 6!

In English we have been reading Floodland by Marcus Sedgewick. The children have loved reading it and learning about Zoe's adventure's in search of her parents. Here are the children's book reviews which share their honest opinions about the book along with some blurbs summarising the story.

We brought our RE learning to a close yesterday by demonstrating what the resurrection means to Christians. The children produced some of the most amazing art work showing how from darkness came light. Absolutely wonderful! Well done Year 6! :)

In Science this term, we have been learning about Electricity. We have been thinking about how to plan an investigation to see if we can alter the brightness of a bulb. Lots of skills have been developed in the process and we have found out that we can.

We have been learning about co-ordinates in maths. We've learnt how to read them and can now plot shapes accurately. We ended our week's learning with a fun game of Battleships...we definitely have some very strategic players in Y6! :)

Y6 have worked hard making delicious cakes for their cake sale, which they are hoping will raise some extra pennies for their Leavers' hoodies. They were very polite to their customers and made quite a bit of money towards their hoodies. Well done Y6! :)

Year 6 Arctic Experience Day ( and World Book Day too!) We had a great time today dressed up for our journey to the Arctic. We created some beautiful art work based around the Northern lights, linked up with a school in Rovaniemi - just inside the Arctic Circle in Finland, ate sausages out in the cold and drank hot chocolate along with hot blueberry juice after playing in the snow! We all had a great day but are glad to be nice and warm again now!