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Fireflies - Year 2 Class

Welcome to Fireflies! The class teacher of Fireflies is Mr Copp and he is supported by Mrs Burbidge as the class TA for both literacy and maths. During literacy we are supported by Mrs Fisher, who is a specialist in literacy intervention. We are also supported by Mrs Gething on Wednesdays for maths, who is a specialist in mathematics support.


In class children are encouraged to be more independent as they move toward the end of KS1. Mathematics equipment is out and students know they can use equipment to support them. Students should be reflecting on their own learning more by identifying ways that they can improve aspects of their own work.


A typical day starts with a quick literacy or maths activity in the morning before the register before Spelling. In Year 2 Phonics blends with the grammar, punctuation and spelling learnt in KS1. Some children go for extra support with either Mrs Burbidge or Mrs Fisher. Then we have literacy where we write based on our class text. After break we do Guided Reading and then Mathematics where most of the children will work independently on a learning task. After lunch we will either do Science, Topic, Art, PSHE or P.E. and we also do extra handwriting practice on a Thursday.


Children are expected to read everyday at home and their reading records are checked weekly to ensure this is happening. iXL work is also set weekly for English and Maths.