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Spiders - Year 6 Class

In Spiders, we have a lot to cover within our learning. Due to us being in Year 6, we have to take the SATs tests in May but don’t let that stop you from thinking we can’t have fun with our learning. We are constantly diving into new and exciting topics such as the Environment (a real topical subject right now), Blood and Germs (in Science) and Frankenstein in Literacy.

As well as exciting topics within our core subjects, we also enjoy taking part in regular PE lessons twice a week. Because we are year 6, we also have the pleasure of being Bronze Ambassadors. This means get to lead extra-curricular lunch time clubs and become positive role models through coaching our younger children within the school.

As a Church of England school, we are also lucky enough to receive weekly Religious Education lessons and have the opportunity to attend daily collective worship as a school or within our class.

There is plenty more that happens within our class, check out some of our photos and enjoy.