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Spiders - Year 6 Class


Welcome to Year 6, Spiders Class.


Spiders class consists of Mrs Holt, the class teacher, Miss Holiday, the class HLTA and the wonderful children who make each day in the classroom lively, exciting and full of giggles!  We all work really hard but have lots of fun as well. Year 6 is a key year in the life of a primary school child. Not only are they embarking on their final year at primary school but they have to sit their SATS in May (13th-16th). These are national tests that every Y6 child in the country has to sit at the same time. But panic not...they will be the most well-prepared children ever by the time May comes! 


Below is some information about how we organise our week.



When the children come in at 8.45am they complete their Early Bird Maths questions - this will really help with their arithmetic but also gets their brains warmed up for the day. 

At 9:00am, we teach handwriting or spelling, learning the rules and conventions of spelling in different groups according to each child’s needs.

Maths follows at 9.30am with children working hard to complete their tasks. 

After break, we start our English lesson with children commonly working in groups, pairs or independently after the initial input. 

We then run our Guided Reading session from 11.30 to 12.00. This is a class session, with Teacher/TA support given.

Foundation subjects, including Humanities (History/Geography), Science, Music, PSHE, Art and Design and Technology are taught in the afternoons across the week.

RE is taught every Tuesday afternoon. 


PE/Forest School timetable 

 PE dayForest School day
Autumn 1Thursday -
Autumn 2Wednesday Wednesday
Spring 1Tuesday 
Spring 2Thursday-
Summer 1WednesdayWednesday 
Summer 2Tuesday 

We will also be having PE days where we spend a day focusing on gymnastics, dance or outdoor education. 



All children in Spiders, regardless of their ability, are expected to read for at least 25 minutes each day to increase their reading skills, vocabulary and knowledge of how stories work. Their reading records, signed by an adult at home, are handed in each Thursday. Children are then entered into the Reading raffle if they have read at least 4 times a week, so please do encourage your child to bring their record in. 

They are also set 1 piece of SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) homework and 1 piece of maths (usually arithmetic based) along with a list of spellings to learn. Homework is set on a Friday and to be handed in by the following Wednesday, giving plenty of time for it to be completed. There are occasionally other homework tasks that children are asked to complete eg. for Topic work. We expect all homework tasks to be completed by children as this is really good preparation for the increased volume of homework that children will receive in Year 6 and in Secondary School.

If homework is not handed in, the children will spend a lunchtime completing the work. If there are issues surrounding homework or children don't have a quiet space to work at home, we can support them at school but we do need to know about this. 



We have many exciting school trips to look forward to in Y6. In Autumn we visit Winchester Science Museum focusing on our Science topic, The Circulatory System. We also get involved in the local community as part of our work on Fairtrade. In Spring we will be focusing on our topic of Climate change and the changes to our local environment and further afield in the Arctic.  We will be linking up with a school in the Arctic Circle finding out what life is like in Finnish Lapland.  In the summer term, we will be taking part in an activity week, the Dragon's Apprentice project plus many other fun leavers' activities to look forward to. 


Please remember, we have an open door policy – please come and speak to any of the Year 6 staff if you have any questions or worries.


We look forward to a fantastic year in Spiders Class. 

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