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Spiders - Year 6 Class

What’s it like in Year 6


In Spiders, we have a lot to cover within our learning. As many of you will know, in Year 6 the children have to participate in SATs (dates available here) but don’t let that stop you from thinking we can’t have fun with our learning. As well as the academic subjects, you will catch us writing (and filming) our own suspense stories, regularly attending sports fixtures, creating our own websites and much more. As class teacher, my approach to learning is work hard but have as much fun along the way. If your child loves learning then they’re going to succeed!




Mr Scott – Class Teacher

Miss Seare – Teaching Assistant




In year 6, we love to explore a new History or Geography topic every half term. The children will learn a lot about our world and how we can make a positive change towards global warming and climate change. Spiders class will also get to explore countries far and gain an understanding of how climates and Biomes are different in other areas of the world. Later on in the year, the children will then get to jump back in time and look at the exciting History topic: The Victorians. 


A curriculum map (Click here to see) is uploaded every half term to help provide extra information about all our learning.



Spiders class participate in PE lessons twice a week. The children will learn a variety of skills in within these lessons, as well as being given opportunities to take part in competitive games. (click here to see what sports are covered in our long term plan).



Home Learning 

In Year 6, we have a high expectation of home learning. As it is the final year of primary education, we aim to do our best prepare your child for the secondary school workload. Our weekly home learning is:


  1. 20 minutes of reading at least 5x a week (with a reading record signed to show this).
  2. Maths and literacy from IXL (click here for IXL link)
  3. Times tables test with the use of TT Rockstars to assist revision. Click here to see more of TT Rockstars
  4. Weekly spelling test.


Year 6

Daily Mile Champs

Y6 enjoyed researching how shadows are formed as part of our Science lessons this term.

Y6 Bronze Ambassador training 2022

Summer Learning

Y6 Science investigation into the similarities and differences between siblings.

Ordering a Victorian timeline

Computing - this half term we have been learning how to use Google Sheets (Excel equivalent)

The Apprentice - Day 1 - Creating a company logo for a new chocolate company

Year 6 create their own online games!

Autumn term curriculum mat