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At Wareham St Mary, we use the Dorset Music Service resource ‘Charanga’ for our class music teaching; an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach. The resource uses listening and appraising, games, singing, playing instruments, improvisation and composition. A wide range of music genres are covered eg. hip hop, reggae, blues, Latin fusion, folk, Bhangra, jazz, film music, classical, rock, pop, soul etc.


Each year, our Year 4 children take part in a class band where every child receives a term of instrument tuition. This has included strings, clarinet, samba and brass. Children showing particularly aptitude are then invited for a further term of group tuition with a teacher from Dorset Music Service.


We look for and take part in a range of activities including with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with their concerts for schools, facilitating children’s individual instrumental lessons, running music clubs such as ukulele, recorders and choir. Children also have the opportunity to take part in performances, particularly the Early Years/Key Stage 1 Nativity and the Year 6 leavers production. Children are encouraged to sing and we look for a range of occasions for this. In addition, children sing a number of times a week during collective worship and receive singing teaching weekly through hymn practice.