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Who's Who

Wareham St Mary Staff


Mrs N Davids:  Headteacher


Reception staff: Mrs Hay, Mrs Maguire and Miss Mitchell

Year 1 staff: Mrs Muir and Mrs Hunt

Year 2 staff: Miss Fowler, Miss Shearer and Mrs Allen

Year 3 staff: Mr Hay, Mrs Johnston and Miss Langdon

Year 4 staff: Miss Rooney, Mrs Burbidge and Mrs Orgill

Year 5 staff: Mrs Layzell and Miss Holiday

Year 6 staff: Mr Scott and Miss Seare 

Nurture staff: Mrs Orgill 

Ivan Leadley:  Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator


Mrs Fisher: Specialist literacy teaching assistant

Mr Johnson: Forest School Leader

Mrs Norman: Pastoral lead, attendance support and parent liaison


Mr M Sevenoaks: Finance Manager

Mrs T Mead:  Office Administrator

Mrs R Ralls:  Office Administrator


Miss Cox: Senior Midday Supervisor and office administrator

Mr Knight:  Midday Supervisor

Mrs Woodage:  Midday Supervisor

Mrs Richardson: Midday Supervisor


Mr Daynes: Site manager

Miss Cox and Miss Powell: Cleaning team