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Autumn term 1

Science trip to Winchester Science Centre - What a fabulous day! We all enjoyed our trip to Winchester today and loved being able to see Science in action. We were able to use hands-on equipment to try to answer some of our scientific questions, explored the Space Zone, visited the Planetarium and reminded ourselves of our Y5 topic on space and visited the Heart Heroes workshop, finding out more about the circulatory system - and actually got to hold a real heart. It was small and muscly but we were able to identify the atriums and ventricles along with the aorta (which we could poke our fingers down!) All-in-all, a fabulous day, which we will no doubt remember for quite some time. ,

Marvellous marble runs - Y6 had the best time planning and making their marble runs. They carefully thought about how they should be designed and chose how many bends they wanted to include in their marble runs. They worked hard in their groups and listened to each other's ideas. Well done Y6! :)

Making blood in Year 6. Everyday in Year 6 new learning takes place. Today was no different; in Science we learnt about the components of blood and were able to watch Mrs Holt make blood using white marshmallows (white blood cells), Cheerios and red food colouring (red blood cells), pom poms ( platelets) and yellow food colouring in water (plasma). Everyone was mesmerised by this process and keen to see what happened when we mixed everything together.

Dog'sTrust Workshop - Today we had a visit from Vicky from The Dog's Trust. We learnt all about how to behave around dogs and their different behaviours to be aware of. Unfortunately, we didn't have a real dog in class with us but we intend to put what we learnt to good use with our school dog, Betsy. :)

Making clay hearts - Y6 have linked their science to their art this week and have produced some wonderful clay hearts. If you look carefully you'll see the valves, ventricle, atrium and aorta! Well done Y6 :)

Curriculum map - Autumn term