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Spring Term 2

Y6 geography field trip to Studland. Today Y6 enjoyed a super morning exploring the effects of climate change at Studland. They made observations about how climate change has altered the landscape, thought about who is affected by climate change at Studland and interviewed visitors finding out about their views on climate change. Everyone who was interviewed commented on the children's politeness and confidence and were blown away by their knowledge and enthusiasm when considering what needs to be done to stop the beach disappearing. A huge thanks to our helpers, Mrs Grewcock and Mr Randall and a massive WELL DONE to Y6 for being total stars on their trip today.

RE work based on the Resurrection - Y6 have spent the last half term learning about the Resurrection in their RE lessons. They have been thinking about what evidence their is of the Resurrection by reading sections from the Bible, listening to Christians share their thoughts and becoming detectives, looking for clues. They ended the unit of learning by creating a piece of art work demonstrating their thoughts about the Resurrection. I think they're pretty amazing...well done Y6! :)

Y6 DT - Making scarecrows with electrical components. Y6 have had a great time planning, sourcing, making and evaluating their scarecrows this half term. They carefully thought about what they wanted their scarecrow to look like and how it would incorporate an electrical component - a buzzer, bulb or motor. We had flashing lights, spinning noses and buzzing hats. Everyone worked really hard and we can't wait to put them on show around the school. Well done Y6! :) Many thanks to all the parents who helped make the frames - you are superstars too!

Comic Relief 2024 - What a fabulous effort from all of Y6. They have come in dressed in funny clothes, with funny hair and even funnier jokes! Well done Y6! :)

World Book Day 2024 - Despite being a little reluctant to dress up, Y6 all managed to come in dressed as a book character or dressed in a space theme (lots of black holes!) Well done to The Lorax, Spiderman(woman!) and The Mad Hatter, a great effort by you all. We enjoyed discussing our favourite books - a lot of memories came from when we were much younger but some children shared their favourite books from now. We also enjoyed THE MASKED READER - 12 staff members took part and the children had to guess who was Butterfly, Dog and many other funny characters. Despite being in their final year of primary school, a lot of fun has still been had today.

Mask Making - Y6 have been enjoying their art lessons and have created some wonderful African masks. They researched artists before designing their own masks and then made them using cardboard and mod-roc. They finished the masks off by painting them using some very bright and powerful colours. Amazing work Y6!