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Summer Term 1

Dragon's Apprentice 2023 SATs week and Activity week may have finished but we don't stop learning here in Spiders Class. This week we started a new initiative called Dragon's Apprentice. Over the course of 2 weeks, the children plan, design, make, advertise and sell a product to the rest of the school. They are using so many skills to do this but teamwork is key. During the week, products have been created and designed, profit margins have been worked on and brain cells have frazzled! Today saw the tricky pitches to the 'Dragons' taking place. The children were prepared, confident and honest about their products. Everyone has worked so hard this week, we can't wait to see the final products being made and sold after half term. Well done Y6 and a big THANK YOU to our amazing 'Dragons', Brendan, Claire and Heather. :)

ACTIVITY WEEK - DAY 5 - PAULTON'S PARK Today was AMAZING!!! We all had such a great time and went on EVERYTHING lots of times! Apart from one heavy downpour, we managed to stay dry and more or less had the park to ourselves - the longest queue was about 2 minutes! Everyone was so well-behaved and so supportive of each other. Lots of children conquered their fear of scary rides on this trip and some children showed us what absolute dare devils they are! This was a fantastic end to a fantastic week - WELL DONE YEAR 6 and a huge thanks to all the support staff and parent volunteers who helped make this week possible.

ACTIVITY WEEK - DAY 4 - SUSTRANS WORKSHOP AND CREATIVE ART WORK FOR PURBECK ARTS WEEK We have had more of a rest day today but have still been taking part in some exciting activities. 2 members of the Sustrans team came in to help us fix our bikes and teach us what to do if we get a puncture or our chain falls off. We spent an hour having a go a repairing parts of a bike before having a ride around this afternoon. Along with that, we finished our beautiful art work based on the work of Georges Seurat. We learnt how to use the pointillism technique and create a vanishing point.

ACTIVITY WEEK - DAY 3 - GO APE AT MOORS VALLEY We have had another brilliant day today. Everyone enjoyed climbing through the trees, balancing on the thin wires and wooden beams, hanging on for dear life, supporting each other when trying to get across the scary bridges and trying desperately not to look down for fear of realising just how high up we were! The highlight for most was the zip wire - what a thrill! After our extended Go Ape session, we tucked into lunch before taking part in the team games with the Go Ape staff. I think we are all shattered but have great memories of a fantastic day, pushing ourselves to the limits and for some, really working outside of our comfort zones.