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Summer Term 2

Our surprise afternoon was fantastic. The Domino's went down well and was enjoyed by everyone whilst sitting in the most top secret place in the school - the staffroom!!! The children were in total shock when the pizzas appeared and all enjoyed tucking in. A well-deserved treat for a wonderful bunch of Y6 children. :)

What a show! Year 6 were amazing and certainly were '11yr olds ready to get out of here!' They were confident, calm, and so professional. I feel so proud of them all and know how hard they have worked over the last 6 weeks. Great work Y6!

Y6 ADVENTURE DAY AND SLEEPOVER - Y6 have returned safe and well and full of wonderful memories after their day and night away at Cumulus outdoor centre at Studland. They had a great time playing tag archery, trying their hand at air rifle shooting, bush craft in the woods and lots of team games. They also completed a night walk and played a fun game of 'Camouflage'. After a delicious dinner followed by brownies and ice-cream, Y6 sat round the camp fire before enjoying a hot chocolate before bed. They settled into their tents ready for a lovely sleep (or not!). After 'lights out' at 10pm, they quietened down and let Mrs Holt have a little nap, before waking her up at 1am, 2am, 3am.......and 6am! Luckily, she saw the funny side and didn't mind...too much!! Once tents had been cleaned, bags packed and everyone was feeling peckish, breakfast was served. Bacon, eggs, baked beans, cereal and lots of other delicious treats were served before a few more games, a sing song and a ramble back to the coach. Cumulus, you have been great and we all enjoyed the best day and night away. The team of instructors were fantastic and we will all remember this trip for many years to come.

MAKING BURGERS IN DT. Spiders class have had the best time designing, planning, making and evaluating their burgers. They did some taste tests to decide on what flavours they liked and then began to create their burgers and thought about what would accompany them. After spending a morning at The Purbeck School making the burgers, they then came back to school to enjoy them for their lunch. So many new skills have been learnt whilst completing this exciting DT project - but the most enjoyable part was definitely trying out their amazing creations! :)

DRAGON'S APPRENTICE - What a huge success!! The children had a great time setting up their stalls and selling their products today. The hall was buzzing with excitement from the rest of the school. The children have been busy counting their money and working out profits and the final total will be announced soon. WELL DONE YEAR 6! :)

DRAGON'S APPRENTICE - THE MAKING OF THE PRODUCTS. After a very sunny, hot half term break, Y6 returned ready to start making their fabulous products. The have been so busy, working together creating their wonderful masterpieces! There have been a few hiccups along the way, but they have dealt with them in a very mature manner, finding appropriate solutions. We can't wait for the rest of the school to come and purchase the products at the Market Sale on Friday morning.