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At Wareham St Mary, we teach maths in a dynamic and responsive way, using ‘Loopy Maths’ based on the White Rose Maths year group overviews and small steps.


‘Loopy Maths’ enables teachers to carefully assess where individual children are in their maths learning and plan sequences of work accordingly, making learning an individualised experience for all children. All units start with an entry pass to gauge what children already know and sequences of work are designed around this knowledge. At the end of a unit, children complete an exit pass to show their achievement during the unit of work.


Class teaching mainly focuses around teaching groups of children and again, is highly personalised, teaching the children the next step in their learning. Some whole class teaching may take place, particularly when practising and reinforcing knowledge and skills, eg counting in steps, times tables and other maths skills.

Homework is sent home half termly to each year group through KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts), showing the key maths facts for each Year group that need to be learnt. Children are also given homework via online resources including IXL and TTRockstars.