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At Wareham St Mary Primary School we pride ourselves on our creativity and our Art and Design curriculum has been designed to engage, inspire and challenge all pupils. We believe that children have wonderful imaginations and that it is important to allow them to express their ideas and experiences. We understand that art and design is a unique medium for listening to the voices of children and recognise its benefits towards good mental health. Whenever possible we take our learning outside and use nature as both a resource and inspiration for our work.


We like to provide lots of opportunities for the children to share and celebrate their thoughts and ideas with peers as this further develops their skills and confidence -through weekly taught lessons and extra termly ‘creative days’. Each year we take part in the National Big Draw and the local community Purbeck Arts Week which holds an art exhibition where children’s art work is exhibited. We are also involved virtually with the Tate Modern. Having a Tate kids day where each year group learns about a different artist across history to inspire their art work through the day.


We are very proud of the creative abilities of our amazing children!


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This also shows the skill and knowledge focus and the breath of artist appreciation across time we explore to help inspire our own creativity!