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In a world where global changes affect the world we live in, geography allows us to explore these issues.


Geography will allow our children to explore and compare places on every continent. They will learn about the different climates, biomes and human features of these places. We focus on our local area of Wareham and Dorset and set our sights on far away places like the Arctic circle, the Americas and Kerala in India. 


Children will learn how different physical features (earthquakes, weather patterns, rivers, volcanoes) combine to make a place different and unique. They will consider how humans have shaped and impacted different places on Earth. They will carry out fieldwork to understand how places are used and have changed and record their findings in different ways. 


In Year 6, we learn how humans have caused climate change, and the impact this is having on countries all over the world. We encourage our children to be courageous advocates for the environment and to have hope that they can make a difference in this world.