School Logo

Our School Vision

Matthew 13:47

'Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish.'


We feel that this reflects our desire to be like the kingdom of heaven and welcome everyone: children, families, staff and the community into our school.


Our vision is that 'As children of God, we are nurturing, responsible and courageous.'


As a nurturing school, we are a community where all people can grow, learn and flourish. We value each person’s unique strengths, talents and interests. We encourage everyone to make their own individual contribution to our school. We seek to develop the whole child: their mental and physical health, their well-being, self-confidence and resilience. 


As a responsible school, we seek to develop each person’s sense of individual and social responsibility. We support the children to learn how to be responsible for themselves: their possessions, learning and behaviour. We encourage children to develop empathy through local community involvement and learning about their growing responsibilities towards the wider world.


As a courageous school, we recognise the need to teach children how and when to take risks and challenge themselves and others. We encourage children to become independent and resourceful learners, who do not give up when things get difficult. We teach the children to respect different views, form their own opinions and to stand up for what they believe in as courageous advocates. 


All of our aims and aspirations for our children can only be realised through a close and supportive partnership between parents and the school community.