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Summer Term 1


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The hoodies have arrived and don't they look fab?! Thanks to everyone involved (especially Kev) in sorting, ordering and delivering these amazing Leavers' treats - Y6 were all very, very happy!


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We did it...we survived SATS! Y6 have absolutely blown everyone away this week with their incredibly positive attitudes during SATs week. The breakfasts certainly helped set them up for each day and for this we have to thank Miss Cox - you really do cook the best bacon!! Here are a few photos and videos from their end-of-SATs celebrations.

Reading with our Reception class -Y6 chose to have a relaxing afternoon today after a busy morning of tests. They were keen to read to our lovely Ladybirds class. They each chose a book and read it to the younger children. Well done Y6 for being so thoughtful today - Ladybirds loved having you in their class. :)

Y6 SATs week - at 8.15am on Monday 13th May, WSM's Y6s were ready and waiting at the KS2 gate eager to come in for their delicious, hearty breakfast. The smell of bacon filled the school and the crispy croissants were warming nicely in the oven. Juice was being drunk and tea being poured - a great way to start the day! Y6 came in and chatted with friends, whilst munching on their yummy breakfast. They then went into class for their early-morning activity before beginning their first test - SPaG. They sailed through it before enjoying a few biscuits to celebrate the end of test number 1. Well done Y6 - keep up the great work. :)

Y6 Purbeck Arts Week work - Y6 have been busy creating their own interpretations of local seascapes based on their visit to Studland Bay along with some drone footage of our beautiful coastline. They each chose the image they wanted to create before using acrylic paints on canvas to create their wonderful paintings. What a super effort Year 6!

Q. What don't SATs test? SATs don't test so many things that Y6 are all amazing at! The children created art work to show what they love and what they are brilliant at.

Drama in Y6 - not only do we LOVE reading and writing but we love drama too. Today we acted out a scene from a short film we have watched, thinking about how characters behave. Some children were quite reserved at first but they soon got fully into role and had a great time.

Biscuits! Now we know that most children love biscuits but Y6 are particularly keen on these delicious treats at the moment as they are helping them get through revision for their SATs next week. They have been working so hard and the harder they work, the more biscuits they receive. Well done Y6 - you are all stars!!

Forest School - Y6 have been loving their final Forest School sessions at WSM. They are really keen to be involved in developing the field/Forest School area for the new OPAL initiative that is beginning to be introduced. Well done Y6, it's great to see you having so much fun and getting stuck in.

Y6 gymnastics - Y6 enjoyed a fun morning exploring the equipment and practising some of their gym skills including: mirroring, balancing, travelling and partner work. Well done Y6

Maths in Y6 - We may be approaching SATs week but we continue to learn new things in maths lessons. This week we have started learning about Algebra. Lots of Y6 were quite worried about this as they had heard how tricky it can be from older brother and sisters. However, after one lesson, they have realised it is actually a very fun element of the maths curriculum - and not that hard at all!!